How to Catch a Buyers Interest

How to Catch a Buyers Interest

In the current market where there are more sellers than buyers how can you attract potential buyers to consider your property? 

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer wanting to make a selection before they visit Spain of say 20 properties to view during a weeklong stay. Depending on how precise their requirements are, they may have thousands of properties to choose from. Their initial decision will largely be based on the quality of the presentation of the property in advertising media especially:

1. Photographs

Usually, the first thing that catches a buyer’s interest are the photographs and you do not get a second chance to create that all-important first impression.

Before having your home photographed first consider whether it would be enhanced by making some improvements. Maybe it is time to catch up on those maintenance jobs that you have been meaning to get round to and having the property painted to freshen up the overall appearance.

Stage your home for the photographs – your agent should provide you with tips on how to do this. At the top of the list of suggestions will always be to thoroughly clean your home – shiny surfaces always look better in the photographs and create the impression of a well cared for property.

Buyers want to see your house and not your personal belongings. Take the time to de-clutter to make the property appear as spacious as possible and allow the buyer to more easily see how they could make this their own home.

2. Floor plans

Often asked for by buyers, especially as it is standard practice in many countries outside of Spain, so why not distinguish your home by supplying them? Floor plans help buyers see if the layout of the property would suit their lifestyle and make them feel comfortable that nothing is being hidden or misrepresented in the photographs.

3. Descriptions

Don’t forget to highlight points about your property that may not be visible in photographs. Maybe it is the underfloor heating in the bathrooms or the expensive ultra-quiet airconditioning system. Maybe it is the popular tapas bar within walking distance or how close it is to a good school. All those small extras that distinguish your property may help pull in more viewers.