Reasons to Live on the Costa del Sol

Reasons to Live on the Costa del Sol

Although the climate - probably the best in the whole of Europe - is still the number one reason for most people buying a home on the Costa del Sol, there are many other compelling reasons:

Healthier lifestyle - the combination of living in the sun with good food makes for a more relaxed lifestyle and it is easier to be active even just strolling along the promenade.

Extensive range of outdoor activities - apart from the obvious number of golf courses, the climate is ideal for most sports with cycling, hiking, horse riding and water sports being very popular. Everywhere on the Costa del Sol is within easy reach of open countryside and mountains and it is only a 2-hour drive to the ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada.

Food - great fresh produce is available in the shops, most grown within Andalucia or caught by the local fishermen so it is easy to benefit from the renowned Mediterranean diet. Gardeners can enjoy growing fruit and vegetables at home but even beginners can plant low maintenance fruit trees and have the pleasure of picking fresh lemons, mandarins, mangos etc.

Cosmopolitan - home to the most diverse mix of nationalities outside of major cities in Europe so it easy to meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. An added benefit is the great range of international food available with “genuine” food, ie Thai restaurants with Thai chefs etc.

Family values - ingrained in Spanish society resulting in a family orientated, child-friendly environment. Also, one benefit of living in such a popular tourist area is that there are lots of family activities and attractions to visit.

Lack of pollution - the advantage of no nearby heavy industry is good air quality and the clear night skies are magnificent for stargazing.

Infrastructure - reaching the Costa del Sol is easy with Malaga airport having direct connections with most major European cities. The excellent road and rail links including the new high-speed train into Malaga make travelling within Spain easy and there are several interesting places that can be visited for a day trip.