The Do's and Don'ts When Buyers View Your Property

The Do's and Don'ts When Buyers View Your Property

So a potential buyer has chosen to view your property and of course, you want your home to be seen in the best possible light. Key things to get right on the day are:

Light: Fully open the curtains and blinds to let in as much light as possible and make your home seem more spacious.

Clutter: Again removing the personal clutter will make rooms seem more spacious and it will help a buyer visualise the property as their own.

Temperature: Use the heating or cooling system to set a comfortable temperature – clients who are shivering or perspiring will not stay long.

Cleanliness: Unpleasant smells and dirt distract buyers. Your home needs to be spotlessly clean – no point in trying to sell the magnificent view if the windows are dirty. Remove the dirty washing from sight and tidy up the floor areas so there is nothing for the buyer to trip over.

Outside: Most buyers are looking to have outdoor space to enjoy the renowned Spanish climate so it is equally as important to keep the balconies/terraces and pool area clean and appealing.

Pets: However lovable your pet may be, many people do not feel relaxed with animals around so ideally remove pets and their traces from the property; at least have them out of sight with no smells or mess left behind.

You: Do not trail the clients round the property, leave that job to the agent – he should know best what the buyer is looking for and how to highlight the appropriate selling points of your home. By all means, be available at the end of the tour to answer any questions but buyers would prefer to be able to discuss the property openly without having the current owners within hearing distance.