Why Many People Choose to Buy a New Home

Why Many People Choose to Buy a New Home

Good home design begins with an understanding of people’s lifestyles and how they want to live within their homes. However, over the years lifestyles evolve and properties built more than 20 years ago are unlikely to meet the current requirements of most buyers such as:

Open layouts

One of the more popular design trends is the open plan concept with a home centred around a large informal space for the whole family to enjoy whether working, eating or relaxing. Partial walls, lighting and varying floor coverings are often then used to help define and add character to individual areas within this space. It also provides the flexibility to easily alter the layout to accommodate future changes in the household.

Kitchens that work

No longer seen as a separate room but an essential part of the shared living space. The finishing details of a new kitchen are thought out with careful attention to matching or complementing the surrounding areas of the home with well-appointed, organised workspaces plus integrated eating areas, enhanced by both natural and built-in lighting.

Efficient use of space

New homes stress spaciousness rather than square metres - smaller, well laid out homes minimising the space lost to corridors and walkways easily compete with the amenities of larger, older homes. Adequate storage leaves the living areas uncluttered and higher ceilings of 2.5-3 metres and sloped or cathedral ceilings often add to the sense of space.

Natural light

Thanks to great advances in windows and doors, today’s new homes are light and bright with larger windows and even walls of sliding glass panels that can be fully opened to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces, without the worry of heat loss in the winter and overheating in the summer.

Energy efficiency

With higher levels of insulation available from the latest building materials plus energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, it is possible to save money on energy bills whilst maintaining a more comfortable temperature throughout the entire home.

Easy maintenance

With careful construction, thoughtful design and improved building products, it is easier than ever to keep a home in great condition inside and out. Gardens are designed for enjoying outdoor living with attractive terraced areas surrounded by greenery in small, manageable borders and pots without the inconvenience of high maintenance lawns.


New looks good and makes the new owner feel good: shiny, gleaming, untouched surfaces…clean lines…warm natural materials…pleasing curves…attractive details…it's all part of why a new home is a great place to live.
In addition there is the comfort of knowing that the home complies with the latest building regulations including better safety measures and the great advantage of a new home being covered by a 10-year warranty.